Resulted in gainful employment dropping out of the ethers on me. I now expect money to fall from the sky!"


Joshua P Warren With One Million Dollars!


Is this a scam? No. Some people think any offer to do with money is a scam, yet we all need money. In this time of economic strife, let's face the truth. Is making honest money a crime? Please give me the benefit of the doubt for now. For more on this, click HERE.

Why do I care if you make money? Because when you make money, we all make money. And when this works for you, you'll want to keep buying my programs. Think about it . . .

When I was in high school, I met a children's book author named Bill Brittain. He wrote a book called ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD. It was about a boy who met a leprechaun. As his wish, the boy asked for all the money in the world. Best I remember, in a whirlwind, it all came to him, and he stored it in a barn. When the boy spent some in a shop, it immediately whipped back into his barn. The shopkeeper said, "this is not useful to me!" The boy ultimately realized something important:

Money is not a possession. Money is a dynamic exchange between people. Without exchange, money is worthless. People are energy, and so money is a representation of that energy.

I recently sold a rag doll on eBay for $138. Personally, I wouldn't have paid $1 for it, but it had VALUE to someone else. VALUE is something that is always, and has always been, determined by humans. That is why money is a subjective energy field.

I became curious about the energy field of money years ago. I've been self-employed since I was 18 years old. I began asking myself why and how I had achieved this. And then I began to experiment. That's right--I honestly experimented with the concept of money energy. I started in casinos, then moved onto psychics and other entrepreneurs.

My team and I made the cover of a physics science journal in 2004 for our work on natural plasmas. I channeled the same work ethic into this project. What I found is presented here.

After many tests and experiments regarding the dynamic energy of money, I am offering a 100% money back guarantee if the $9.88 product I'm presenting does not improve your life. In TWO WEEKS you will see money flowing in your direction. How did I discover this?

Look up my history. After many years of exploring psychic phenomena, and ways to help people develop their senses, I eventually--through trial and error--found a simple system that combines psychic exercises with so-called "money magic." And it works.

You have all of your senses for one reason: to help you survive. In today's society, that includes making money.

Unfortunately, our technology is often a mental distraction, resulting in laziness. We don't have to use all our senses, since machines and assembly lines do the work for us. For example, if you're hungry now, you can drive and buy a $1 burger. There was a time when you had to use your intuition to successfully grow crops or hunt animals.

Our technology has greatly removed the need to use psychic power. But if you still use your psychic ability, you will be surprised by how easy it is to obtain money!

Fortunately, no matter how neglected, any muscle that is worked regularly for two weeks grows much stronger. The psychic parts of your brain are no different. You have probably barely used them for years. But now you can change that; and your psychic brain will do what it was designed to do: help you survive . . . help you make money.

In two weeks--guaranteed--money will be flowing your way. In order for the system to work, there are only four rules. Here is rule number one:

"1. Do not read ahead! Not even one page ahead."

Forgive me, I'm getting ahead of myself. I have put this system into a booklet called PUT THIS BY YOUR TOILET! & Make Money Being Psychic in Two Weeks. Each daily exercise can be done during your bathroom visits. I know this sounds ridiculous, but your brain enters the alpha state when you visit the toilet. That's why I chose to put this unconventional angle on the booklet.
  Put this by your toilet & Make Money Being Psychic in Two Weeks

HERE'S the bottom line:

After many years of experimentation, this confidential, proprietary system is designed to align your brain with the money-making energy. In TWO WEEKS, you will see money flowing your way. When you make money, we all make money. I truly believe this, and I think you'll be so excited by what happens to you that you'll want to give back and buy more training from my company. Every individual has his or her own connection to the flow of money. This system will allow you to tap into the flow that ONLY you can tap into. I am just giving you the tool.

I would end it here, BUT . . .

Soon this program will be available in select bookstores. However, if you order it online, it costs us less. Therefore, as incentive, when you ORDER ONLINE, as a BONUS, you'll also receive a powerful tool to make this program work faster. Here's the description . . .

TIBETAN IMOs Instant Meditation Orbs Achieve stress-free relaxation in seconds, and open your mind to enhanced learning.

For decades, scientists have been intrigued by the mental state of meditating monks, mathematicians working on hard problems, and athletes in "the zone." After years of training, prodigies are able to willingly lower their brain to the Theta state. That means their normal, stressful Beta frequency of 15-40 hz is dramatically lowered to a peaceful 5-8 hz.This is the most calm and rejuvenating frequency short of actual sleep (delta, 1.5-4 hz). Now you can enjoy the benefit of Theta relaxation almost instantly, thanks to the simple, yet amazingly effective, Tibetan Instant Meditation Orbs (IMOs).

Studied and used by psychologists and parapsychologists since the 1970s, these miniature domes work by geo-optical principles, quickly changing your brain waves. Your brain produces several watts of electricity, and enough brains hooked together could power a light bulb! This intense organ is partly controlled by visual input. Usually, your eyes latch onto lines, angles, and contrast to focus and create imagery. However, the Tibetan domes are smooth, uniform surfaces that virtually cover the entire field of vision. Looking straight through them at a light source is like staring into an infinite, enveloping scape of little or no sensory input--covering the entire range of vision, including peripheries. This lack of input immediately affects the brain, and in less than 3 minutes, can automatically put you in the coveted Theta brain state. You must experience it to believe it!

Not only do these miniature domes provide instant, effortless relaxation and rejuvenation, they can also prepare your brain to increase learning and intuition. These simple tools are portable, inexpensive, and completely safe, taking advantage of ancient knowledge and modern science.

So that's it. If this is for you, you'll feel good about it right now. Get the whole system now for $9.88 plus $4.88 shipping and handling anywhere in the world. 100% money back guarantee.


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While using the Instant Meditation Orbs, try playing our White Noise CD nearby. It will effectively remove any discernable audio signals to your brain. This makes entering a meditative state easier, and boosts the effectiveness of your sessions.

For only $4.00 extra, you can order the Deluxe Money Science Kit, which includes the Instant Meditation Orbs, The White Noise CD and The Money Science Works booklet. Everything is covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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You DO NOT need a PayPal account to purchase from us. They are our processor. You can choose to pay with any credit or debit card after clicking the purchase button!


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